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12 July 2009

A book review ~ P.S. I Love You

PS, I Love You PS, I Love You by Cecelia Ahern

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I have to admit that until now I have been a self confessed hater of chick lit. The only chick lit I have ever read and enjoyed is the shopaholic books and even I can admit that, actually, they are pretty crap.

I'd been struggling a bit with Fortress Besieged and we needed to go on a break. P.S. I Love You had been sat on my desk on the top of my 'I'm never going to read these books so they need to go to a car boot sale' pile, staring at me, for ages. So I gave in to it's cute polka dot cover and decided to give it a go. I wanted to watch the film and my usual rule is read the book first so why break the tradition?

As much as it pains me to say this ............. I actually enjoyed it.............. ouch that hurt! It was cute and fun and very nearly (I said nearly!) made me shed a tear.

It made me want to go out on a big night with my girlfriends, go on holiday with them and have loads of girly fun! Oh dear what's happening to me!

Jokes aside, if you want a book that is easy to read, fun and heart-warming all at the same time then this is for you. I have the film lined up on my blockbuster list as we speak!

You never know maybe there will be a few more chick lit reviews coming from me in the future. Maybe not anytime soon though!

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10 July 2009

Whitlingham Country Park

I apologise for the serious blog neglect that has been going on lately! Time has flown by without me even realising.

I thought I'd share another of my favourite places in Norwich with you again. This time it's a place called Whitlingham Country Park. It is located just south of the city centre near the village of Trouse. I didn't know that this place existed for a long time and the first time I went there I was amazed that such a peaceful, beautiful place can be found, pretty much, in the centre of Norwich.

A couple of weeks ago the lake was full of ducklings. It was lovely. There is a water sports centre there (which you can see in the background of one of the pictures). I'd love to try wind surfing one day! There is also a really nice cafe and gift shop which does the best carrot cake I have ever eaten!!

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